Mass Effect social game on Facebook, Google+, iOS confirmed?

Mass Effect 3 FemShep
Mass Effect 3 FemShep

Whoops--didn't mean to let that cat out of the bag, huh Bioware? (Actually, you probably so planned that.) During an interview with CVG, Executive Producer Casey Hudson on Bioware's much-anticipated Mass Effect 3 revealed that a version of the game is likely coming to social networks and iOS devices. Granted, we've expected as much for awhile, but nothing's ever been said.

"For the first time, wherever you go - online, mobile, on social networks - you'll be able to follow your progress," Hudson told CVG. "You'll never have to leave the Mass Effect experience." The website went on to note that it caught "glimpses of an all-new social game for Facebook and Google+, as well as a bespoke iPad and iPhone adventure."

So, there you have it, straight from the turian's segmented mouth. We had suspicions of a Mass Effect social game since EA2D, the studio that created the briefly successful Dragon Age Legends, became Bioware San Francisco. And let's not forget the recent Bioware job posting that called for "a well-rounded Artist to work on an exciting, new, social game for gamers."

With such an ambitious launch on so many platforms at once, we'd have to imagine that this social game will prove to be more than a companion game. That's especially considering the fact the core Mass Effect 3 will have a persistent multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, we all know what the average shooter fan thinks of social games ... or do we?

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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