CityVille Trick or Treat House: Everything you need to know

Earlier this month, we brought you a look at the Treats N Sweets Booth in CityVille, which would allow you to earn candy for an "upcoming feature." Well, we've learned more about that feature today, as the Trick or Treat House is now available to build in the store! The Trick or Treat House is given to you for free as part of Act 3 in the game's Halloween goal event (more on that later), and it requires six energy to build.

From there, you can click on your built Trick or Treat house to bring up a menu similar to that seen during the summer Carnival Ticket event. You'll see a selection of six prizes that are available to earn by collecting more and more pieces of candy. Here's the rundown:

  • Trick or Treaters (3% bonus payout) - 5 pieces of candy

  • Lake Eerie (25% bonus payout) - 15 pieces of candy

  • Halloween Costume Shop (265 Goods; 1,468 coins) - 30 pieces of candy

  • Pranked House (1,100 Monsters) - 75 pieces of candy

  • Halloween Party House (2,100 Monsters) - 125 pieces of candy

  • Franken Battery (430 Goods; 2,198 coins) - 200 pieces of candy

Since earning all of these items (or, rather earning enough candy to unlock them all) would be incredibly difficult if you could only rely on the Treats N Sweets Booth for candy, you can also post wall posts asking all of your friends to send you candy, and you'll also randomly earn pieces of candy as you work in your town. There are tons of ways to earn candy for free (in addition to being able to purchase it outright for City Cash) - here are a few of them:

Harvest Crops / Boats
Collect Rent (including Neighborhoods)
Collect from Businesses
Collect from Community Buildings
Chop Trees
During Building Construction ("whacking" the frame)
Claim from friends' feed posts

As a final note, you don't have to build the Treats N Sweets booth at all to have access to the Trick or Treat House, so if you're in the middle of building / upgrading it, but haven't finished, don't worry - you will still have access to the overall collection event. However, you also won't have access to the free daily supply of (guaranteed) candy that it provides. Either way, the Treats N Sweets shop will close in just 10 days, so you'll want to make sure to claim as much candy as you can from it before it closes to have a better chance at earning all six of these Trick or Treat House prizes. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Trick or Treat House and the prizes you can earn from it? Sound off in the comments.