CityVille Haunted Library Community Building: Everything you need to know

In an effort to help everyone finish the Halloween Monster goals in CityVille - the third Act of which requires you to have a whopping 8,000 Monsters living in your city at once - we'll continue to bring you a look at how to most easily raise your population cap to an acceptable level, and then fill it with Monsters. Of course, to raise your population cap, you'll need to first build Monster-themed Community Buildings in your town.

While items like the Demented Dentist, Zombie ER and Tree of Enchantment require parts to complete, there are a few Community Buildings that rely on staff to finish. Depending on how many active neighbors you have playing the game with you, these can be infinitely easier (and quicker) to complete, so let's take a look at another right now.

The Haunted Library is one such Community Building, being available in the store for 28,000 coins. For that price, you'll receive a building that needs to be "whacked" eight times to completely construct the frame. This building ends up looking more like a bank tower than a library, with the gargoyles on the top, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Once you build up the frame of the Haunted Library, you'll need to ask your friends to come be the staff. For this particular building, you'll need 10 different friends to come help out, but you may already have one or more staff positions filled by Samantha as a bonus, making this even easier.

To gather your friends, just click on the "Hire Friends" button at the bottom of the window and you'll be able to send out individual requests to your friends to help you out. That's all there is to it. If you have plenty of active neighbors, you could construct the frame, send out the requests and then come back to a completed building just a few hours later.

When the building is done, it will support 600 more Monsters living in your town. That may not be near enough to get you to the 8,000 Monster requirement for the Halloween Monster goals, but every little bit helps, especially when it's this easy to earn. Good luck making it the rest of the way!

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Will you build the Haunted Library in your town, or have you paid City Cash to reach the 8,000 Monster mark instead? Sound off in the comments.