CityVille Halloween Monsters Act 3 Goals: Everything you need to know

With just a few days left before Halloween (time sure flew this month, if you ask me), CityVille has finally received the final Act of Halloween goals in the Halloween Monster event. Act 3, like the others, is filled with three individual goals, each with their own prizes, that all work together to help you earn the ultimate prize of the Dracula's Castle at the end of the event. As usual, we're here to give you a guide on completing these three goals, so let's get started.

Sweet Spot

  • Place Trick or Treat House

  • Place a Prize Purchased with Candy

As we told you earlier this evening, the Trick or Treat House can (as of this writing) only be earned by clicking on this particular goal to access it. From there, the cheapest item inside costs five pieces of candy, so complete enough tasks around your city to earn those five and you'll complete this goal with ease. The prize? You'll unlock the Witches Hat Shop in the store. This shop costs 9,000 coins to purchase, requires 180 Goods to operate, and gives you 1,242 coins by default.

Frightening Friends

  • Ask friends for 15 Cob Webs

  • Collect from 30 Residences

  • Have 50 Candies

As we've told you before, these candies can be earned in a variety of ways by simply playing the game. You'll earn them when collecting from residences, businesses and community buildings, or even when harvesting crops or collecting goods from boat shipments. You can also purchase them with City Cash, or ask your friends to send them to you via wall posts. As for the Cob Webs, these too are earned through a wall post sent out to all of your friends at once. For finishing this second goal, you'll unlock the Treacherous Trailer in the store. The Trailer then costs 9,500 coins to purchase, and offers 150 Monsters in population.

Dressed to Kill

  • Ask friends for 30 Witch Hats

  • Place five Prizes Purchased with Candy

  • Reach a Monster Population of 8,000

After Act 2's 9,000 Monster requirement was changed to 6,000, I predicted something like this would happen. To be fair, I said that the third Act might require us to get to 9,000 Monsters instead, so I was 1,000 Monsters off, but that still doesn't make this requirement any less ridiculous. Yes, I said it - ridiculous. While you try to find the room to house that many Monsters in your town (not to mention Community Buildings), you can post general news items to your wall asking for the Witch Hats, and can purchase even more items from the Trick or Treat House using your collected candy. These items will go into your inventory, so just pull them out and place them in your town proper to finish that task. For completing this particular goal, you'll unlock the Warlock House in the store, which costs 1 million coins and offers 1,500 Monsters to your town.

For completing this entire trio of goals (remember, you can now work on all nine Halloween Monster goals simultaneously), you'll receive the Pumpkin Palace item, and for finishing the entirety of this event, you'll walk away with Dracula's Castle. Considering the difficulty level of these goals (that is, difficult unless you are willing to spend a lot of City Cash), this Dracula's Castle will likely end up being one of the most rare items in the game, unless it is released in some other fashion. If it is, we'll make sure to let you know, but in the meantime, good luck finishing these goals on your own!

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What do you think of these Halloween Act 3 Goals? Will you make it to 8,000 Monsters before Halloween? Sound off in the comments.