Adventure World Haunted Village Expedition: Everything you need to know

Just in time for Halloween, some themed content has finally appeared in Adventure World. Specifically, a new Expedition called Haunted Village is now available to complete from the basic Expeditions menu. The Haunted Village requires you to have 250 Supplies in your inventory, along with two each of Foods, Fuel and Water. You can bring five crew members in on this Expedition with you, giving a bonus of 15 energy as you go along. Once you begin this particular Expedition, you'll have four days to finish it, so let's get started!

Investigate the Haunted Village

  • Collect 6 Missing Gravestone Pieces from Spiders

  • Repair 6 Gravestones

  • Investigate the Mausoleum

For this Expedition, you'll be in charge of investigating villagers' claims of missing persons and items. This village happens to be near a graveyard and a mausoleum, so of course strange things have started occurring there! To find these Gravestone Pieces, you'll need to travel around the map, finding (and fighting) green spiders that are scattered around the map. The problem with this particular map is that most of it is covered in fog, so you'll just need to navigate to the various areas around the map hoping to find spiders there, rather than being able to plan everything in advance. You do have one hint though - the spiders that are carrying the gravestone pieces move more slowly than the others (they're being weighed down by the pieces, after all), so you can use that to figure out exactly which ones to target, once you see them.

As for the Gravestones that you'll need to repair, these are located at the far end of the map, but luckily, they're all in the same general area, so once you've found one, you'll find the others. Finally, the Mausoleum is at the very top of the map.

Undead Spiders!

  • Defeat 35 Undead Spiders

  • Clear 5 Webs

Your main enemy in this Expedition will be the green spiders I mentioned earlier. It turns out, these spiders are green for a reason - they're dead (or, undead, as the case may be)! Most of them require just a single whack to kill, so feel free to whack each one you see (they'll come after you too, in many cases, making your search easier). As for the webs, these look different than the webs you've seen before, as they may be perched up against a building, rather than being placed strictly between two sticks.

Something Spooked the Villagers!

  • Ask for 10 Smelly Socks

  • Use two Pairs of Smelly Socks on 5 Villagers

Apparently, the undead spiders were so terrifying, that a group of villagers have been paralyzed with fear on the outside of the village. You'll need to ask your friends to send you the smelly socks (you'll receive two for free by speaking with one of the villagers that greets you at the beginning of the Expedition), and then use two socks on each of the five villagers that are frozen with fear. For the record, your request is a general wall post that all of your neighbors can respond to, rather than individual requests as you may have expected.

Once you finish this particular Expedition, the Halloween fun won't be over in Adventure World, and we'll make sure to bring you coverage of the game's next Halloween-themed event just as soon as we can.

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What do you think of this Haunted Village Expedition? Should it be easier to complete, since it's based around a holiday? Sound off in the comments.