Win a $10,000 Scholarship By Sharing Your Inspirational Story

win scholarship job storyYoung or old, it can be easy to forget what first inspired us to get into our industries or choose our careers. It can be even harder to remember the way it felt when we got our first job or first paycheck, and the ultimate satisfaction of that first big win that also won the respect of our first boss.

New generations of workers are entering a world quite different from that of 10 or 15 years ago. They've grown up in an uncertain economy and almost all have known someone close who's lost a job or experienced a demotion or career setback. Entering the workforce for the first time is still exciting and exhilarating, but new entrants have to be better prepared and more focused on matching skill sets to job requirements.

That's one reason why Randstad decided to launch "Inspiring Experts" -- a contest that asks students and professionals to share stories about how they prepared for their jobs and why they got involved in fields like engineering, human resources, healthcare, IT, or finance and accounting. With more than 71 percent of employers reporting trouble finding the right talent for open positions, it's important to educate job seekers about those jobs and the requirements needed. These industries are looking for skilled, talented workers to fill a variety of jobs that promise to launch many successful careers. The stories of workers in these fields and students who are currently pursuing these fields may inspire others to explore opportunities and help fuel the jobs pipeline.

Participants can enter the contest by going to and clicking on "submit video." The student whose video gets the most votes will win a $10,000 scholarship. The professional with the top-voted video will receive a $5,000 cash prize plus a gift of $5,000 to a favorite charity from Randstad. The second-through-fifth-ranked runners-up will each receive $2,000 scholarships, and the second-through-fifth-ranked professional runners-up will each receive a $1,000 gift for themselves and $1,000 for their favorite charity. The top five finalists in both categories will also receive an iPad2 and have the chance to get their name out and build their resumes by guest blogging at

Here are three examples of entry-level jobs in high growth industries with available positions. These jobs all require employees to work in new technology and demonstrate forward-thinking, innovative ideas.

Industry: Engineering

Position: Biomedical Engineer

Description: This job combines medical and engineering disciplines to develop and maintain biomedical equipment such as x-ray machines, prosthetic devices, artificial organs and much more. Those interested in this profession should major in engineering.

Your Impact: Saving and improving countless lives with expertise and innovation

-- Find engineering jobs

Industry: IT

Position: Web Programmer/Developer

Description: With the rapid rise in popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the time has never been better to enter this field. Web programmers develop and activate websites and other online applications. Requirements for this job include comprehensive knowledge of web languages like Java and HTML code.

Your Impact: Providing cutting edge technology for businesses to thrive and more strongly connect with their target audiences

-- Find information technology jobs

Industry: Finance & Accounting

Position: Specialist, Finance

Description: In this high-paced position, specialists forecast and monitor business financials, providing insightful analysis to enable better decision making by management. Professional certification is recommended and highly valued when pursuing this career.

Your Impact: Helping businesses to stay financially sound and drive profitability

-- Find finance/accounting jobs

Participants in the "Inspiring Experts" contest are not only eligible to win prizes, but more importantly, they have the chance to change the course of someone's life while giving back to the industries that are helping to shape the world of work. That's inspiring to both experts and job seekers.

All video submissions for Inspiring Experts must be submitted by Dec. 15, 2011. Voting will continue until Jan. 1, 2012.

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