Fox ladies, karate masters and robot men will do battle in Prime World

Prime World
Prime World

Don't worry, we're a little confused, too. Nival, the Russian social game studio behind King's Bounty: Legions, has released some new images of Prime World. The screen shots reveal a bit more of what's about to go on your PC or Mac (or Android phone and iPhone) in this downloadable strategy game that's said to have deep Facebook Connect support.

For one, the game looks pretty gorgeous, especially the spell effects like fire and what appear to be laser weapons. (Yeah, we have no idea what type of setting Nival is going for at this point.) More important are the characters within the images that are duking it out: You'll see a woman with a fox tail, a necromancer of sorts, a karate master amongst giant robot war machines. Oh, and let's not forget the giant towers and other various defensive structures.

We scored an early look at the game during this year's E3, and game looks to tread on dynamic territory. Actually, that could be said of the simple fact that this is a downloadable, apparently hardcore strategy game that uses Facebook Connect. According to a release, Prime World uses the Unity 3D engine to create its flashy graphics.


But we think the goofy mash-up of characters is all Nival's doing. Prime World still has not been given a release date, but you can bet we'll follow the trail this game is blazing. You know, if only to see who would win in a fight: a fox lady or a robot with spiked clubs for hands?

What do you think of Prime World so far, based on our preview and these new screens? Will Facebook Connect drive the game to success? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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