Open Houses of the Week: Scary Good

There's something about that "Open House" sign that acts like a magnet. Whether you're looking for a new place to live, keeping tabs on real estate in your neighborhood, or just angling for a sneak peek at someone else's private domain, the lure of an open door is strong indeed.

In honor of Halloween, we'll explore some of the nicest digs in the most haunted cities in America, as named by Take a break from the real horrors that might be lurking around the corner (double-dip recession, anyone?) and find out why you'd actually want to buy in one of these spooky burgs.
Open Houses for Oct. 29-30

Savannah, Ga.

Open house: Sunday, Nov. 20
Location: 11104 Rimes Ave.
Price: $224,000
Property details: The South has a rich history of hauntings and paranormal activity and Savannah is no exception. In fact, it was named "America's Most Haunted City" back in 2002 by the American Institute of Parapsychology. We can't promise a close encounter in this 3-bedroom looker, but we're confident you'll make contact with the luxurious bamboo flooring inside.

See inside this property.

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Los Angeles, Calif.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 30
Location: 9353 Nightingale Drive
Price: $12,780,000
Property details: You've got a ghost of a chance making it in this town. The Hollywood sign has for years been a hotbed of supernatural activity -- it is after all, the site of a thousand broken dreams. But for those who can hack it in Tinsel Town, architectural stunners like this 7,000-square-foot mansion await.

See inside this property.

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Boston, Mass.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 30
Location: 30 Rutland Square
Price: $924,500
Property details: Most people associate Salem with the witch hunts, but a fair share of the most notorious trials took place in the heart of Boston. Get a taste of old New England with this duplex apartment built in 1875.

See inside this property.

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Santa Fe, N.M.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 30
Location: 751 Canada Ancha
Price: $1,195,000
Property details: Pueblo-style homes might not be the first thing that comes to mind on Halloween, but there are a total of 12 -- you read that right, 12 -- ghost towns around the city of Santa Fe. After exploring America's spooky Southwest, retire to your gated-community home with custom built-ins and cherry cabinetry.

See inside this property.

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Philadelphia, Pa.

Open house: Sunday, Oct. 30
Location: 202 210 W. Rittenhouse Sq #1001
Price: $849,900
Property description: Did you know that the City of Brotherly Love was actually the site of the very first witch trial in America? Couple that with the city's central role in the Revolutionary War and you've got yourself some interesting coffee talk. Sit back and spin some yarns in this contemporary apartment in Philly.

See inside this property.

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Chicago, Ill.

Open House: Sunday, Oct. 30
Location: 4230 N. Marine Drive
Price: $2,475,000
Property description: October nights can give you chills in the Windy City, but snatch up this gorgeous Georgian-style home and you'll never have to fear the things that go bump in the night. Built in 1930, this four-bedroom stunner has a contemporary has a one-of-a-kind view of Lake Michigan. Take a look inside in the listing.

See inside this property.

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San Antonio, Texas

Open house: Saturday, Oct. 29
Location: 531 Bosque Vista
Price: $259,723
Property description: Remember the Alamo! San Antonio is rife with ghost stories of wandering soldiers and restless spirits -- but its housing situation is much rosier. Take for instance this four-bedroom home in the well-heeled neighborhood of Stone Oak. Plus, the community's gated to keep the ghouls at bay.

See inside this listing.

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New Orleans, La.

Open house: Saturday, Oct. 29
Location: 8010 Hickory St.
Price: $375,000
Property description: Is there anywhere else in America with more supernatural baggage than New Orleans? From voodoo ceremonies to ancient graveyards, this Creole entrepot has everything the modern ghost hunter could want -- including great housing.

See inside this listing.

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Open Houses of the Week: Scary Good

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. 
Beds/Baths: 11/15
Sq. Ft.: 16,500

So you've got the 13-seat movie theater, underground path with stone walls and sconces, hand-carved walnut furniture, game room, Roman spa with mosaic walls, Italian stone fountains, tennis court, 10-car garage and -- drumroll -- dog-grooming station. Yeah, that all comes with this jaw-dropper. But a two-lane bowling alley? That's just rad.  

View a slide show of all "Casa Del Sol" has going for it

That's one fully stocked bowling alley -- and we bet you don't have to pay a rental fee for the shoes either. 

View a slide show of all "Casa Del Sol" has going for it

The 13-seat movie theater that may or may not have been the creation of an ... Oscar winner?

You decide

Location: Lincoln, Mass. 
Price: $9.5 million
Beds/Baths: 7/8
Sq. Ft.: 13,676

This sprawling manse has one amenity that redefines the term sunporch. 

See a slideshow of the cool features this property delivers

So you can sunbathe and not get sunburned at home. If you get tired of soaking in ultraviolet-free rays, you've also got a bowling alley and tennis court at your disposal. And lots of vintage wine in the wine cellar. 

See the listing for more details.

No room for swimming laps in this puppy. But that's not what it's about: You've got the billiards table, bowling alley and tennis court for exercise. (OK, maybe it's a stretch to consider billiards a form of exercise.)

See the listing for details. 

Location: Moorestown, N.J. 
Price: $8.9 million
Beds/Baths: 7/8
Sq. Ft.: N/A

We're not quite sure why this house is called  "Tabula Rasa" -- the epistemological theory that humans are born as blank slates without any built-in mental content. One interpretation: The original owner feels he willed this mega-mansion into existence. It boasts its own private indoor basketball court and two-lane bowling alley. 

See some other amenities that come with the place

Shoot some hoops with natural lighting. 

Here you must grapple with your finite reserve of athletic talent. But your mental game? The sky is the limit. Tabula rasa! Tabula rasa! Hmmm.... 

More shots of the bowling alley

Location: Chappaqua, N.Y.
Price: $27.5 million
Beds/Baths: 6/12
Sq. Ft.: 20,000

This massive New York estate is suited for ball sports aficionados: The property has its own tennis court and basketball court. 

See the other insane amenities this property serves up

Just be sure not to shank any forehands -- looks like stray balls could get lost pretty easily in those woods. 

Check out the home's luxurious interior.

If it's too bright out, it turns out there's also an indoor basketball court with its own scoreboard. 

See the indoor basketball court

Location: Millbrook, N.Y. 
Price: $27 million
Beds/Baths: 6/6
Sq. Ft.: 9,113

This estate is a horse-lover's dream.

See what else this large swath of Millbrook real estate has going for it.  

This equestrian facility appears to have enough space for an indoor horse show. Outdoors there are 144 acres to gallop -- or trot -- across. 

Digest the full grandeur of this place by viewing 25 photos of it. 

For the resident thoroughbreds...

Get a glimpse into some of the other ways the owner of this estate spends his time

Location: Saddle River, N.J. 
Price: $12.5 million
Beds/Baths: 8/11
Sq. Ft.: 18,250

This sprawling colonial offers a gorgeous home theater, along with an indoor basketball court. 

But that's not all ...

With chairs this comfy, you might have trouble staying awake for the actual show -- if it weren't for the premium sound system. 

The perks of this mansion come nowhere close to ending here. 

Just because there's a hoop doesn't mean Pilates and yoga are off limits, though there's ample space for that in the exercise room too.

See the listing for more details. 

Location: Atlanta, Ga.
Price: $12.5 million
Beds/Baths: 5/8
Sq. Ft.: N/A

Touted as "Buckhead's finest estate," this Southern mansion sits on three private acres and boasts a picture-perfect pool and hot tub in the back. But what really caught our eye was the home's golf simulator. 

There are an enormous number of other amenities on the property

So you can hit the links -- when you're not in the library, butler's pantry, gourmet kitchen, massage room, steam room, sauna, home theater, etc. 

See how else this home's owner revels in luxury

Take your pick for exercise facility: full-size gymnasium or yoga studio?   

See the listing for more details. 

Location: Orono, Minn. 
Price: $4.95 million
Beds/Baths: 4/7
Sq. Ft.: 10,505

This expanded lakeshore residence offers a range of unusual features, including a golf simulator and indoor hockey arena. 

Click through a slideshow of the place to get the scoop. 

For those elusive roller-hockey aficionados: Odds are, during the games here, checking is a big no-no; you nail someone into the boards in this arena, and they've got a good chance of tumbling over them. 

The fun doesn't stop here

Regardless of where your virtual drive lands, you're never in the rough if you live in this palace. 

See why that's a fact

Location: Castle Rock, Colo.
Price: $3.999 million
Beds/Baths: 6/8
Sq. Ft.: 10,668

Stretching 73 acres, this estate delivers a whole lot of real estate and clearly had an owner at some point who adores our national pastime. In addition to a baseball diamond and indoor batting range, the mansion offers a stunning backyard pool and seven-car garage. 

Get a glimpse at some of the perks of this giant estate

Knock it out of the park, or should we say, private baseball diamond. 

Or don't, and enjoy other luxuries

Hit it out of the park, or should we say, this time, into the netting of a private indoor batting range. 

See the other ways this home scores big

Location: Andover, Mass. 
Price: $6.5 million
Beds/Baths: 9/10
Sq. Ft.: 20,043

This behemoth of a home takes the cake for square footage on our list. One of the reasons? It has a full-size indoor basketball court. 

See the elaborate details of the interior

It's pretty much indistinguishable from your standard high school basketball court. The home also comes with an arcade, pool, locker room, bowling alley and home theater. 

But that's not all, not by a long shot

Location: Incline Village, Nev. 
Price: $49.9 million
Beds/Baths: 3/2
Sq. Ft.: 2,368

For some tycoons there may come a time when collecting cars gets old. If that happens, they should buy this compound. It has a garage that is so big that you can store nine buses in it. The residence spans five parcels that can be purchased individually. They contain the Main House, Lake House and Carriage House (which houses the garage). 

Read a full profile of the home or view the listing

Stretching across 12,000 square feet, the underground two-story garage can accommodate nine full-size buses, not to mention countless cars, SUVs, motorcycles and golf carts (model not included).

See some over-the-top features of this property. 

The garage is accessible by a 12-by-60-foot elevator (pictured here). 

For more details (and there are a heck of a lot of them) see the listing. 


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