Scam Alert: Mario Kart does not exist on Facebook, and likely never will

Mario Kart Facebook scamNintendo has already established--rather firmly, actually--that its games will never leave Nintendo hardware. Alas, here we are, with yet another attempt at your account information to spread a dastardly scam. According to Internet security firm Sophos's Naked Security blog, a scam that claims Nintendo's popular racer Mario Kart is available for Facebook is circulating.

But it's not just circulating through News Feed posts, but through private messages between Facebook users. If you happen to click on the link that's spreading the fake news, you will arrive at what appears to be a launch page for the game. You absolutely should not click on it, but doing so takes you to an online survey rather than a thrilling race with Mario and friends.

Some users have even told Naked Security that clicking on the link attempts to install a browser extension on their computers. It should go without saying that you should under no circumstances accept the installation, but we're saying it anyway. If you were so unfortunate as to click on it, be quick to delete any News Feed or private messages sent inadvertently by you.
Mario Kart Facebook scam News Feed
And, if you did happen to install anything offered from the scam, be sure to can your computer immediately. Oh, and would you be so kind as to remind your friends that this is a scam? Sure, you'll be a dream crusher, but a computer-saving dream crusher.

[Via Kotaku]

Have you ever unfortunately fell prey to a Facebook game scam? What steps did you take to alleviate the situation, and what tips do you have for your fellow social gamers? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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