FarmVille Trick or Treat: Everything you need to know

Still haven't had enough of the Halloween fun in FarmVille? Good, because Zynga has launched another feature this week in one of the most classic Halloween themes: Trick or Treat. Like last year's event, which saw us earning "Spooky Effects" that we could place on the items around our farms - like adding spider webs to trees, or making animals look like ghosts - this year's event will also see us earning perks for our farms, along with three free, limited edition items.

In this event, you have a new window, accessible from an icon in the top right corner of the gameplay area, that will show you how many Tricks you have available to play, and your leaderboard of neighbors, based on how many tricks they've each played. To earn tricks, you'll be able to either buy them outright for Farm Cash, or ask your friends to send some to you, so that you can play them on other friends.

What that might seem cruel, your incentives are high. For the three prizes eligible to everyone, you can earn the following:

  • Headless Horseman Gnome - Play 20 Tricks, or purchase for 20 Farm Cash

  • Cobwebbed Tree (Decoration) - Play 40 Tricks or purchase for 40 Farm Cash

  • Candycorn Unicorn - Play 80 Tricks, or purchase for 80 Farm Cash

What's more, if you can finish in the top three of your friends on the leaderboard, you'll walk away with a special prize, based on our rank. The top prize is a Gold Pumpkin Trickster Trophy, while second and third place receive the same trophy, but in Silver or Bronze, respectively.

Unfortunately, even though you're allowed to hit the "Play Trick" button in this leaderboard, you won't simply play a trick instantly, as you'll need to head to each friends' farm, one by one and click on an item to "trick" it. Or, you can just spend all of your tricks on a single farm.

You'll know that you can play a trick on a particular item if it has an orange outline around it. For trees, this will invert their colors (creating a negative effect), so a tree that's black will turn bright white / pale grey, and a tree that's pink (as another example), will turn bright green. For animals, the same ghost mechanic from last year returns.

To go along with this event, there's also a new goal series to complete, and we'll make sure to give you a complete guide to those goals just as soon as we can.

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Will you try to be at the top of your friends leaderboard when this event ends? What do you think about playing tricks on your friends? Sound off in the comments.