FarmVille Pic of the Day: Occupy FarmVille? Farmer Beanz's farm riots

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We're taking a break from our usual FarmVille farm of the day format to bring you one player's humorous take on the Greece riots. Though, to be honest, there's nothing funny about the on-going riots in Greece, which have been happening on and off since last May. Farmer Beanz's farm, which he revealed earlier this month, has roughly 70 gnomes (most of which being Gold Gnomes) picketing outside the Estate. The building costs 600,000 coins, making it one of the most expensive permanent items in the game.

Surrounding the gnomes are the Outdoor Torches from the Island event. Also, thanks to clever positioning, the gnomes appear to be carrying signs, specifically the ones for No Fox, No Crows, and No Gophers. At the bottom, you can see the upper half of last year's Haunted House. Finally, fencing in the gnomes at the front are the holiday nutcrackers from '09, though FarmVille called them "Soldiers". These are led by the Amex Centurion Statue, an American Express promotional freebie.

Given all those nutcracker soldiers, you'd think these gnomes were elves picketing Santa Claus. The only hint this is about the Greece riots at all is the Grecian flag flying over the Estate. Here in the U.S., a scene like this will probably remind us of the Occupy movement. Though, the Halloween-inclined will surely think of castle-storming, lab-stomping and monster-hunting mobs.

Do you think building a riot on your farm is a refreshingly bold idea for farm decorating, a ridiculous one, or just in plain bad taste? Sound off in the comments.Add Comment

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