FarmVille Halloween Items: Witch Costume, Halloween Candle Tree and more


With tonight's FarmVille update, we see the re-release of a few items into the game's store, including trees that haven't been gone for very long. There are quite a few new avatar costumes available for you to add to your wardrobe, including one for coins, so keep a lookout for that as well. As usual, here's our complete look at these items, so get that Farm Cash ready!


Fall Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Northern Red Oak Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Halloween Candle Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Big Halloween Candle Tree - 14 Farm Cash

Not to be confused with the Halloween Lantern Tree released earlier this month, the Halloween Candle Trees are darker, and are different trees with their own mastery signs. Of course, this still doesn't change the fact that you don't need to purchase the Big version, as it can be earned for free through mystery seedlings.


African Elephant - 1.5 million coins
Blue Dragon - 24 Farm Cash
Phantom Duck - 18 Farm Cash
Black Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash

The Blue Dragon is a re-release, with the animal first being available for free as a goal reward. If you didn't receive it then, or just want an extra, you can now purchase one / another for a limited time.


Frankenstein Lab - 42 Farm Cash

Unfortunately, awesome items tend to come with a high price tag, as this one does. Still, if you need another large, Halloween-themed building on your land (if Count Duckula's Castle wasn't enough), and you have the Farm Cash to spare, you could definitely do much worse than this.


Bunny Lantern - 5 Farm Cash
Gargoyle Statue - 6,000 coins
Spooky Lake - 32 Farm Cash

Here, the Gargoyle Statue is a re-release, so make sure to check your storage for any of them before needlessly spending more coins. It's a cheap item sure, but why not save those coins and put them towards something like the African Elephant instead?

Avatar Costumes

Vampire - 30 Farm Cash
Vampress - 34 Farm Cash
Witch - 30 Farm Cash
Knight - 30 Farm Cash
Princess - 100,000 coins

If you've put off buying a costume for your avatar this long, you can now make your avatar the princess in your story for coins, which is a plus. If you want to be a more traditional vampire or she-vampire, however, know that you'll need to shell out the big bucks for those.

All of these items look to be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, which gives you plenty of time, even after Halloween has passed, to stock up on decorations for next year. Happy shopping!

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Will you buy any of these expensive animals or decorations for your farms in FarmVille? How many of this year's Halloween-themed items have you splurged on so far? Sound off in the comments.