CityVille Halloween Sweet Tooth Goal: Everything you need to know

If the three Acts of Halloween Monsters goals in CityVille aren't enough to keep you busy until the end of the month, take a look at this new set of goals that deal with one of the side-effects of consuming so much Halloween candy - bad teeth! The Halloween Dentist goal is called "Sweet Tooth," or "By the Skin of My Teeth," if you prefer the menu name.

To complete this goal, you'll need to complete three tasks:

  • Place Demented Dentist

  • Complete Demented Dentist

  • Build Spooky House

As we've told you recently, the Demented Dentist is a new Community Building in the game that adds 1,500 Monsters to your town's maximum population cap. Here's a complete guide to constructing the building, with its basic item collection tasks (yes, unfortunately, this isn't a staff Community Building, as that would have made things a bit quicker, all things considered).

As for the Spooky House, this is a home that costs 18,500 coins to purchase from the store. If you use the "Show Me" button within the goal to be taken to the game's store, please keep in mind that you might need to scroll through a few pages of Halloween-themed items to actually find the house in question. While this goal technically wants you to build the Spooky House so your new demented dentist has a place to live, this one functions normally, giving you 130-250 Monsters when placed, and allowing you to collect 382 coins in rent every 3.2 days.

Once you complete this goal, you'll receive the Grooving Mummies decoration. This one is a 2x2 square decoration that offers a 15% payout bonus to surrounding businesses and homes, and a bonus 15% payout if placed next to other Halloween themed items. While this goal itself doesn't come stamped with a time limit, make sure to complete this goal sooner, rather than later, as it's likely that it won't stick around (at least for very long) after Halloween, if at all.

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What do you think of this Halloween Sweet Tooth goal? Have we been given too much to work on in CityVille for Halloween, or is it "the more, the merrier" in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!