CityVille: More Halloween homes, decorations and community buildings hit the store


If there's anything can say about CityVille's first-ever Halloween event, it's that they've definitely made up for lost time! In an effort to allow you to make your city as themed as you could possibly ever want, a series of new decorations, homes, businesses and even community buildings has launched in the game's store, and as usual, we're here to give you a look at these new items to see what you want before ever loading the game!

Zombie Condo (Home)

  • Costs: 35 City Cash

  • Population: 340-670

  • Rent: 97 coins every hour

Witch Rickety House (Home)

  • Costs: 65 City Cash

  • Population: 1,800 - 3,600

  • Rent: 150 coins every two hours

Swamp Shanty (Home)

  • Requires: Monster Population of 1,000 or more

  • Costs: 10,000 coins

  • Population: 170-320

  • Rent: 70 coins every hour

Demented Dentist (Community Building)

  • Costs: 25,000 coins

  • Allows: Adds 1,500 to maximum population cap

Brain Shop (Business)

  • Costs: 40 City Cash

  • Requires: 305 Goods

  • Earnings: 1,648 coins

Plagued Playground (Community Building)

  • Costs: 50,000 coins

  • Allows: Adds 1,500 to maximum population cap

Walking Dead Walk Up (Home)

  • Requires: Monster Population of 1,500 or more

  • Costs: 12,000 coins

  • Population: 180 - 360

  • Rent: 373 coins every 2.1 days

Tombstone Store (Business)

  • Costs: 12,500 coins

  • Requires: 253 Goods

  • Earnings: 1,413 coins

Spooky Cyprus Tree (Decoration)

  • Costs: 3,000 coins

  • Payout Bonus: 1% to surrounding homes and businesses; extra 1% to Halloween themed items

Apple Bobbing Bucket (Decoration)

  • Costs: 4,300 coins

  • Payout Bonus: 1% to surrounding homes and businesses; extra 1% to Halloween items

Zombie Shed (Decoration)

  • Costs: 10 City Cash

  • Payout Bonus: 10% to homes and businesses; extra 10% to Halloween items

Zombie Mobile (Decoration)

  • Costs: 7,800 coins

  • Payout Bonus: 3% to homes and businesses; extra 3% to Halloween items

Kid Playing in Pumpkin Patch (Decoration)

  • Costs: 38,000 coins

  • Payout Bonus: 6% to homes and businesses; extra 6% to Halloween items

Remember, if you're going for the goal of having 6,000 Monsters living in your town, you'll need to build these new Community Buildings as soon as you can to add to your Monster population cap. It's either that, or shell out tons of City Cash for items that will get the job done more quickly, or buy duplicates of items already released. Whatever your decision, remember that all Monsters you have living in your town on Halloween proper will transform back into regular citizens after the holiday has passed.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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What do you think of these newest CityVille Halloween items? How many of this year's themed goodies have you splurged on? Share your shopping stories with us in the comments!