CityVille Halloween Act 2 Goals made easier with smaller requirements


After releasing Act 2 goals in CityVille's Halloween Monster event, Zynga received plenty of complaints from users stating that the goals were simply too hard to complete. Now, the team behind the game has announced that the goals are easier to complete, so we're here to tell you if that really is the case.

First and foremost, the first goal - In Good Spirits - now requires you to have just five Monster Community Buildings in your town, regardless of what they are. This is just half of the originally required total of 10 Monster Community Buildings. For this particular goal, the Pumpkin / Jack O'Lantern mastery task remains the same.

Next, for Grim Sleeper, you used to be required to collect from your Haunted Hotel five times. This hotel requires tons of goods to operate, and simply takes a long time to run out of them, so waiting for it to be ready five times was time consuming, to say the least. Now, you'll only have to collect from the Haunted Hotel three times.

Lastly, At Death's Door has been changed with the most helpful update yet. Instead of being forced to have a whopping 9,000 Monsters living in our cities, the number has been dropped to 6,000 Monsters. Sure, that's still a ton of Monsters (especially considering that we don't even get to keep them afterwards; they'll just turn into regular citizens), but if you're interested in unlocking the Werewolf Lodge, or eventually Dracula's Castle, that's something you'll simply have to do (or pay City Cash to skip it).

With the entirety of Act 3's goals still up in the air (read: unreleased), it could be that the final population requirement has been switched to 9,000 Monsters instead. Either way, I can see Act 3 being just as difficult as these goals originally were, and even still are, so make sure to keep checking back with us for a complete look at those upcoming goals and how to finish them before it's too late.

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Should users that completed these goals before the changes be compensated for the extra time / coins they spent? Did you finish them before the changes, or will you actually try now that the requirements have been changed? Sound off in the comments.