Cafe World Witch's Cauldron: Everything you need to know

As part of Cafe World's Halloween event and specifically, the series of Siggy's Tricks goals, you'll be required to build a Witch's Cauldron in your Cafe. More than just a pot for cooking, this Witch's Cauldron comes complete with a witch standing behind it, but of course, you'll need to build it first.

The Cauldron's base is available for free from the store, but if you don't want to take the time to actually construct it, you can also purchase a completed one outright for 120 Cafe Cash. If you go the free route, you'll be left to collect four different items:

  • 8 Cauldrons

  • 12 Scary Ladles

  • 10 Witches Brew

  • 8 Eyes of Newt

The Cauldrons and Witches Brew are earned through general news posts that you'll share on your wall, while the Scary Ladles and Eyes of Newt are earned through specific gift requests that you'll send to friends.

As of right now, it doesn't appear as though this item actually serves a larger purpose in your cafe, other than helping you complete not one, but two of the goals in the Siggy's Tricks series. However, you won't have to actually have the Cauldron's construction finished until you've reached the very end of those goals, which gives you a little bit of room / time to breath. Still, with this being part of the game's very limited time Halloween event, you won't want to put it off for too long...

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