Cafe World Trick or Treat Party Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Cafe World may have started late on its Halloween celebrations, but the folks at Zynga have made up for that lost time by releasing a new catering order in the game to go along with the two goal series you're likely still working on (see Amelia's Treats and Siggy's Tricks). This catering order is appropriately named "Trick or Treat Party," and it sees you gathering together ghosts and goblins for one heck of a Halloween feast!

This particular order requires you to cook three dishes. You'll need to serve Marshmallow Witches (a 30-minute dish) 50 Times, Mummy Dogs (a four-hour dish) 60 rimes and Pumpkin Lasagna (a 24-hour dish) 15 times. You'll be able to bring up to 15 of your friends in on this catering order with you, so if you haven't completed Amelia's Treats goals to unlock these dishes, you can at least rely on them to do most of the heavy lifting while you catch up.

In addition to those cooking tasks, you'll also need to collect five Spider Webs and five Jack-O-Lanterns by sending out requests for your friends to send them to you.

If you can complete all of these tasks within three days of starting, you'll receive the three-star rating, 15 Catering Points, 7,500 Cafe Points, 200,000 coins and the Spooktacular Cupcakes recipe. If you can't finish in quite so fast a time, but can still finish in under five days, you won't receive the free recipe, but you will earn two stars, 10 Catering Points, 5,000 Cafe Points and 125,000 coins. Finally, if you finish at any point after the first five days have passed, you'll receive a single star, 5 Catering Points, 3,000 Cafe Points and 75,000 coins.

All things considered, this one doesn't seem to be too difficult a catering order on its own. The difficulty will come in completing the Amelia's Treats goals to unlock the dishes in the first place. Once you do that, the rest of this should be a piece of cake.

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What do you think of this Trick or Treat Party catering order? Have you already started working on it in your cafe? How many of your friends have you teamed up with to finish this one off? Sound off in the comments.