Cafe World Halloween Siggy's Tricks Goals: Everything you need to know

After seeing the release of Amelia's Treats goals in Cafe World's Halloween event, we're now seeing the other side of the coin - Tricks - via Siggy. These Siggy's Tricks goals are just as limited as Amelia's Treats, with the game's entire Halloween event being available only for the next week or so. Unfortunately, there are a whopping 10 goals in this Siggy's Tricks series, so I hope you're ready to do a ton of cooking (and asking for items from your friends, of course).

Siggy's Tricks 1

  • Place Your Witch's Cauldron

  • Serve Pumpkin Pie 30 Times

  • Ask for 3 Vampire Fangs

Pumpkin Pie takes 12 hours to prepare. Meanwhile, the Witch's Cauldron is a new building project that you'll need to complete by asking your friends for parts. We'll have a full guide to building that item as soon as we can. You can check out our full guide to building the Witch's Cauldron right here. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive the Deviled Eyeballs recipe.

Siggy's Tricks 2

  • Serve Deviled Eyeballs 75 Times

  • Ask for 10 Glowing Skulls

  • Ask for 8 Vampire Fangs

Finishing this goal gives you the Snake Bits and Bones ingredients for the Signature Dish feature.

Siggy's Tricks 3

  • Serve a Taste Lab Dish with Bones

  • Ask for 10 Canned Screams

  • Serve 30 Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage takes 12 hours to prepare. For the Taste Lab dish, you'll need to pick Bones as one of your ingredients when putting it together. Keep in mind that each ingredient you add changes the cooking time of the final dish, so feel free to use a spice to serve a single serving of this Bones dish quickly, if you happen to make a dish that takes a while to cook on its own.

Siggy's Tricks 4

  • Serve Vampire Staked Steak 30 Times

  • Ask for 10 Vampire Fangs

  • Ask for 10 TP Rolls

Vampire Staked Steak takes a full day to prepare, unless you use a spice, or have servings in your Gift Box to serve automatically.

Siggy's Tricks 5

  • Serve 30 Vegas Buffets

  • Spice 10 Neighbor Stoves

  • Ask for 8 Vampire Fangs

Vegas Buffets each take nine hours to make. For finishing this goal, you'll receive Celery Brooms and Cursed Cumin ingredients for the Taste Lab.

Siggy's Tricks 6

  • Serve a Taste Lab Dish with Cursed Cumin

  • Ask for 10 TP Rolls

  • Ask for 10 Gooey Eyeballs

Finishing this goal gives you the Breadstick Bones recipe to serve immediately.

Siggy's Tricks 7

  • Serve Breadstick Bones 50 Times

  • Ask for 8 Rotten Apples

  • Ask for 8 Vampire Fangs

For completing this goal, you'll receive the Spiders ingredient.

Siggy's Tricks 8

  • Serve Deviled Eyeballs 30 Times

  • Ask for 10 Gooey Eyeballs

  • Ask for 10 Animal Masks

For finishing this goal, you'll receive Molded Cheese.

Siggy's Tricks 9

  • Serve a Taste Lab Dish with Celery Brooms

  • Ask for 10 Toad Tongues

  • Ask for 10 Newt Eyes

Finishing this goal gives you 1,000 coins and 1,000 Cafe Points. We're almost at the end now, so don't give up yet!

Siggy's Tricks 10

  • Reach Level 1 Mastery of Martian Brain Bake

  • Complete your Witch's Cauldron

  • Ask for 10 Zombie Brains

Martian Brain Cake takes three days to cook, but only requires you to cook it seven times to reach the first level of mastery. For finishing this final goal in the Siggy's Tricks series, you'll receive the Jelly Zombie Brain recipe!

Phew! What a workout! If you've made it this far, than we congratulate you! You've gone through tons of work, and most of it likely wasn't the funnest of times, I understand. Still, by completing these goals, you've received some exclusive prizes that may not be available ever again after this event has passed, so you should be proud! I know I would be!

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What do you think of these Siggy's Tricks goals? Do you like them more than the Amelia's Treats goals? Sound off in the comments.