U.S. Employees Not As Happy As Counterparts In India

Indian workers happyWhen it comes to the country with the most satisfied workforce, India tops the list, a new survey finds.

The poll of more than 11,000 employees in 35 countries also shows that U.S. workers scored lower in nearly every category compared to their Indian counterparts, with one notable exception -- retention, according to the Global Employee Engagement Index, compiled by European survey firm Effectory.

Employees worldwide were asked to assess their work, working conditions, colleagues, managers, pay and benefits, and more, based on a 10-point scale with 10 as the high score.

Indian workers scored 7.3 in general work perception, the survey found. Relative to other nations, that's a high score. Employees in the U.S. recorded a 6.7, just a tick above the 6.6 global average.

Workers in India are also more committed to their employers, the survey shows, scoring 7.3, compared to an average 6.1 worldwide and in the U.S.

Indian employees also scored high for their willingness to change, as well as effectiveness and efficiency on the job.

Compared to China, however, the U.S. outperformed in nearly every category. The survey showed employees in the world's most populous nation had an overall work perception score of 6.3. That's 0.3 points lower than the global average, and lower than the U.S.'s 6.7.

China workers' commitment score was also lower than the worldwide and U.S. average of 6.3. What's more, the survey notes, China scored lower than worldwide averages across the board, except in the leadership category, in which it equaled the worldwide average of 6.3. The U.S., meanwhile, scored 6.6.

"Chinese employees have become increasingly more critical, they are standing up for themselves more and more," noted a group of human resources directors in a statement accompanying the survey findings. "They ask for better working conditions and better compensation. That image is reflected in the scores of this survey."

For more information about the survey, including an interactive map, check out Effectory's Global Employee Engagement Index survey website.

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