Q-Games to tower over Facebook with PixelJunk Monsters Online

PixelJunk Monsters Online
PixelJunk Monsters Online

Whenever traditional console developers announce Facebook games, they're normally completely different experiences. (Alright, we were just being nice--they're usually nothing more than buzz-builders.) But GameZebo reports that developer Q-Games will launch its hit PS3 tower defense game, PixelJunk Monsters, on Facebook with "Online" following its title.

While its title certainly isn't original, this social version of PixelJunk Monsters is anything but a buzz-builder. According to an early look by GameZebo, the game is in "an early alpha state," and is scheduled to launch in full on Facebook this year. However, it appears that PixelJunk Monsters Online is available to all at the moment, and has about 2,000 monthly players.

Despite that, the game is far from feature-complete, and thankfully the in-game item shop has yet to be open for business. As far as we know, PixelJunk Monsters Online is under development by Q-Games. The basic gameplay of PixelJunk Monsters remains intact: Players create armed towers on top of existing trees to automatically fend off encroaching if adorable enemies.

However, there aren't many types of towers or enemies in the game yet. Q-Games was apparently more worried about laying on the old PixelJunk charm with impressive pseudo-3D visuals with a Candy Land style and a lovely tune. While the game has yet to officially launch on Facebook, you can play it right here to get a taste of what's to come. And what great timing you have, Q-Games: There aren't many tower defense games on Facebook, and yours is one of the best around, we hear.

[Via GamePro]

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