House of the Day: Site of Rockefeller and Nixon's Backroom Deal


One of Manhattan's most storied apartments has hit the market: the former residence of Nelson Rockefeller, who served as Gerald Ford's vice president from 1974 to 1977.

Built in 1926, the co-op is running for $27.5 million. And for such a hefty price tag, it delivers a surprisingly small number of bedrooms: two. There used to be four, but two of them were converted into space for entertaining. But with a shared oversize dressing room and master bath, the two bedrooms, which comprise the "master suite," are as upper-crust as it gets.

The apartment includes a 47-foot-long living room with two fireplaces, a central gallery and a formal dining room. Looking out at Manhattan's skyline, the apartment offers stunning, panoramic views of Central Park through large, west-facing windows.