Dead Body Found In Disney's Cast Member Parking Lot

dead body Disney World employeeA woman's body has been found in the parking lot of Disney World, according to local Orlando media reports.

The death first became known after a Disney World security guard called 911 Tuesday morning at 1 a.m., according to Central Florida News 13. A Disney source also told News 13 that the woman was a Disney cast member.

The woman's identity, along with other details, have yet to be revealed by Disney. But the entertainment giant was saying that no suspicious or foul play was suspected in the incident. The body was found in a car parked far enough away from major attractions, and close to a construction site, so that activities were not interrupted Tuesday.

Deaths among the 54,000 employees, known as "cast members," at the Florida attraction itself are few and far between. But they are not unprecedented. Of particular note, 21-year-old Austin Wuennenberg died in 2009 after the Disney monorail he was operating crashed into another. The incident made headlines across the country, and prompted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to open an investigation, according to a report by Fox News. The end result was improved security safeguards for Disney's monorail system.

Working conditions for some in the company have nevertheless become more harrowing lately. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, and covered on AOL Jobs, Disney has installed an electronic monitoring system by which custodial employees are tracked for their performance. Known by some employees as the "electronic whip," the system was described this way by the Los Angeles Times:

"In the basements of the Disneyland and Paradise Pier hotels in Anaheim, big flat-screen monitors hang from the walls in rooms where uniformed crews do laundry. The monitors are like scoreboards, with employees' work speeds compared to one another. Workers are listed by name, so their colleagues can see who is quickest at loading pillow cases, sheets and other items into a laundry machine."

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