Awesome Workplaces In Silicon Valley: Amenities In The Office [Infographic]

Silicon Valley great workplacesIt's no secret that Silicon Valley has a problem finding the talent it needs to fill all the high-tech jobs available in the region. The area expects jobs in information and communications technologies to grow 15 percent during the next two years, Menlo Park Patch reports.

The trick for many employers is how to attract -- and keep -- the best talent in the field. Beyond handsome salaries, many tech firms also lavish their workers with benefits, leading to some unique and even quirky offerings.

Such corporate perks can be as simple (and routine) as Facebook's discounted gym memberships or the onsite gyms at search-engine giant Google and Gaia Online, an animation-themed social networking site.

Other benefits take a more spiritual form. Google, LinkedIn and Tagged, another social networking site, each offer yoga classes at their workplaces. Twitter, meanwhile, offers Pilates in addition to Yoga, and Eventbrite's "zen room" features yoga, Tai Chi and meditation classes.

If intellectual stimulation is what you're seeking, Facebook and LinkedIn each offer weekly lectures from well-known leaders from business and government -- to help spur the entrepreneurial mindset that many companies in Silicon Valley like to foster.

Of course, workers sometimes just need simple solutions to help them get routine things done while they're inventing the next great gadget -- such as offering onsite laundry and dry-cleaning services, photo developing and car washes.

For more, check out this roundup of workplace amenities as compiled by ResumeBear.

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