Adventure World Sneak Peek: Halloween Volcano coming soon


While Halloween may be nearly upon us, Adventure World has yet to receive any in-game celebration. Don't worry though, adventurers, as something big is apparently coming - and soon! Over on the game's official Facebook fan page, we've been given a couple of images that serve as sneak peeks to a Halloween event that will take place in the game.

Specifically, we're told that we'll be traveling into an active volcano, although the reasoning as to why has yet to be explained in detail. If we can assume anything from the picture posted just today, it looks like zombies might be that reason! Here's what we're told:

"Coming soon - An Adventure World Halloween - Are you ready to encounter zombie spiders, explore ancient crypts, meet ancient warriors and journey into the heart of an active volcano?"

From other images (seen below) on the game's fan page, it looks like something has happened with an ancient Jade Skeleton, to cause it to lose its skull. Whether raiders or bandits came and stole it, or it was just separated over the years is anyone's guess, but we'll likely be left to reconnect the two.

Of course, we'll be sure to bring you a complete look at Adventure World's Halloween event just as soon as it launches, so keep checking back with us!

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Are you looking forward to Halloween events in Adventure World? What do you think of the Jade Skeleton and its missing skull? Sound off in the comments.