Pioneer Trail Player Conference: Visit Zynga HQ and discuss the game

Zynga HQ
Zynga HQ

So, you feel gypped that Zynga Unleashed didn't touch on your favorite Facebook game? (Greedy, aren't we?) Well, Zynga fine-tuned its ESP--or perused the forums--and learned that you want to talk more Pioneer Trail. Enter The Pioneer Trail Player Conference, a day-long event on Nov. 11 in which Zynga will host six hours of discussions, lunch and a tour of its shiny new San Francisco office to the most dedicated of fans.

The lucky few who get to hang at Zynga HQ talking Pioneer Trail will be chosen at random by the community team, led by Stumpgrinder. But those willing to travel to contribute to the discussion are certainly dedicated, especially considering Zynga will not cover travel and lodging for the event. (The company is calling primarily for folks situated in the Bay Area.)

The Zynga community team will review applicants that provide the following: forum name, real name, Facebook User ID, Pioneer Trail Level, t-shirt size (you'll get a shirt!) and their like and dislikes regarding the game. We imagine that players' proximity to Zynga headquarters will be a deciding factor, too. But why would Zynga hold such an event all about one of its least popular games?

Since its release earlier this summer, Pioneer Trail has been in decline, according to AppData. That's despite some hefty updates pushed to the game like the massive Ghost Town. Our guess is that Zynga is looking for answers as to why what was once one of its most popular games has lost its luster after what was supposed to be its revival. Check out the forum post here for all the details.

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