Pioneer Trail: Help name the upcoming winter holiday expansion

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we've learned that Zynga will be launching yet another "expansion" into the Pioneer Trail to celebrate. It's likely that this expansion will be something along the lines of the Halloween Ghost Town event, but before they announce anything specific, the Pioneer Trail team would like you to help pick out a name for this future feature.

The team has launched a survey on the official Pioneer Trail forums, asking you one simple question: "The FrontierVille team is working on a giant holiday feature *just for you* and we need your help picking out a name. Which of the following names sounds most appealing to you?" Here are the options available to you:

Christmas Grove
Christmas Town
Holiday Haven
Holiday Hollow
Holiday Village
Winter Wonderland

Opinions aside (I personally wouldn't be able to go through something called "Christmas Town" without singing this in my head each and every day), it's actually pretty surprising to see the word "Christmas" displayed here in any of the choices. As so many games try to stay impartial when it comes to holidays (or religious beliefs therein), it will be interesting to see if a Christmas-centric name will actually be the one chosen, if fans vote that one in.

We haven't been told when the survey will end, or when this holiday feature will launch, but we can expect it will happen pretty quickly after Thanksgiving. And, regardless of its final name, you can be sure we'll be there every step of the way to guide you through.

Which of the names did you choose in this survey about Pioneer Trail's newest expansion? Sound off in the comments!