Pioneer Trail Sneak Peek: Crafting Workshop building requirements

Earlier this evening, we brought you a look at a new collection that has already gone live in the Pioneer Trail - the Crafting Workshop collection - but doesn't have a building to go along with it... yet. According to the folks at CEGamers, this new building will be constructed like basically all others, via an item collection process that we've seen time and time again.

If these details end up being accurate (that is, when the building starts rolling out in full to all pioneers), you'll be expected to gather the following:

  • 10 Metal Clamps

  • 10 Large Nails

  • 10 Metal Brackets

  • 15 Hacksaws

  • 15 Crafting Gloves

  • 15 Crafting Goggles

From the looks of things, the Metal Clamps, Large Nails and Metal Brackets will be earned through general news items posted on your wall / feed, while the other three items - the Hacksaws, Crafting Gloves and Crafting Goggles - will be earned through individual gift requests sent to those neighbors that you think will be most likely to help you.

It's interesting to think of what this building (after construction) might actually be able to do. Perhaps it can craft new decorations or even craft building materials that you commonly need around the Homestead? Or, maybe it will have some other, completely new function in the game. Whatever the case, we'll stay on top of things, and will let you know when Zynga officially announces the launch of the Crafting Workshop, along with whether or not any goals come with it.

[Image Credit: CEGamers]

Have you received the Crafting Workshop on your Homestead yet? What do you think the building will be able to do once finished on your Homestead? Speculate with us in the comments!