Mansion or Meth House? 'Flip Men' Want to Know

Remember "Flipping Out," the Bravo series that brought us high-strung house flipper Jeff Lewis and his high-end portfolio of properties? Well, you can wipe that image from your mind. The new reality of the housing market brings us a new breed of wheeler-dealers: the Flip Men. And what kinds of properties do these guys flip? Why, foreclosures of course.

Mike Baird and Doug Clark buy foreclosed properties at auction, sight unseen. And what they'll find when they get inside -- usually by busting down the door or shimmying through a window, since "when you buy a house at auction, the auctioneer isn't usually handing you keys and giving you a big kiss," Baird says -- is anyone's guess.

So ... meth house or mansion? Watch the video below to find out. And check out the "Flip Men's 5 Foreclosure Tips" on AOL Real Estate. "Flip Men" premieres premieres Oct. 25 at 10:30 p.m. (9:30 p.m. CDT) on Spike.

Sneak Peek - Meth House
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