The Sims Social Haunted House Week items punish friends' pranks

The Sims Social Haunted House Week
The Sims Social Haunted House Week

We know, you're sick and tired of your arch nemesis in The Sims Social sabotaging everything you do. From peeing on your azaleas to hacking into your computer and breaking your appliances you've about had it. Luckily for you, EA and Playfish recently brought Haunted House Week to The Sims Social. Of course, that means a long list of new items are up for grabs.

From interesting, bovine-headed plants to spooky couches and infernal organs, you're just about covered for scaring the bejeezus out of your friends' avatars. Let's not delay this any further. Here are all the decorations (that matter) from the Haunted House Week in The Sims Social:

Trans-Van Furnace

  • Costs: 45 SimCash

  • House Value: 6,650

Trans-Van Turn

  • Costs: 2,000 Social Points

  • House Value: 5,350

  • Boosts Sleep

Haunted Organ

  • Requires 15 Music Skill

  • House Value: 5,200

  • Boosts Fun

Trans-Van Candle

  • Costs: 3 SimCash

  • House Value: 450

Toasting Drinks

  • Costs: 50 Social Points

  • House Value: 100

  • Boosts Funs and Social

Candelabra of Calamity

  • Costs: 4 SimCash

  • House Value: 600

  • Boosts Fun and Social

Trans-Van Buttress

  • Costs: 350 Simoleons

  • House Value: 250

Sullen Ancestral Skull

  • Costs: 350 Simoleons

  • House Value: 250

  • Boosts Fun and Social

Light in Despair

  • Costs: 12 SimCash

  • House Value: 1,750

TrueReflection Afterlife

  • Costs: 200 Social Points

  • House Value: 400

Infernal Organ
L. Simnivorii
Light in Despair

Undying Classics Side

  • Costs: 400 Simoleons

  • House Value: 250

Vlad's Dog

  • Costs: 14 SimCash

  • House Value: 2,050

Trans-Van Mort

  • Costs: 500 Simoleons

  • House Value: 350

Trans-Van Compact

  • Costs: 600 Simoleons

  • House Value: 450

Trans-Van Throne

  • Costs: 600 Simoleons

  • House Value: 450

Trans-Van Boss

  • Costs: 24 SimCash

  • House Value: 3,550

Gargle Goyle

  • Costs: 29 SimCash

  • House Value: 4,300

  • Boosts Fun and Social

UndyingClassics Desk

  • Costs: 1,000 Simoleons

  • House Value: 950

Trans-Van Pew
TrueReflection Mirror

L. Simnovorii

  • Costs: 500 Social Points

  • House Value: 1,150

  • Boosts Fun and Social

UndyingClassics Chest

  • Costs: 600 Social Points

  • House Value: 1,450

Trans-Van Dining Table

  • Costs: 39 SimCash

  • House Value: 5,750

Trans-Van Pallid

  • Costs: 700 Social Points

  • House Value: 1,750

  • Boosts Sleep

Cuckcoo Clock

  • Requires Quest Unlock

  • House Value: 1,900

  • Boosts Fun and Social

Trans-Van Pew

  • Costs: 800 Social Points

  • House Value: 2,050

  • Boosts Sleep

UndyingClassics Shelf

  • Costs: 1,000 Social Points

  • House Value: 2,750

  • Boosts Fun

Trans-Van Bloodcold and/or Spinechill

  • Cost: 2,500 Simoleons

  • House Value: 2,000

  • Boost Happiness and Food

EA and Playfish threw in a number of new floor tiles, wallpapers and windows for players to use to fill out that haunted house feel. While a good amount of the cooler items in this collect go for SimCash, as one would expect, there are quite a few decorations like the L. Simnovorii and the Trans-Van fridges that at least go for Social Points. Don't worry, you'll get some good scares for your friends on the cheap this Halloween. Well, at least in Littlehaven--have you been to a costume shop?

Have you picked up any of the new Haunted House items in The Sims Social this week? How do you normally celebrate Halloween outside Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.