Meteor Games makes Island Paradise an island terror for Halloween

Island Paradise Slots of FunFor about 350 days of the year, Island Paradise is a game about kicking back and running the most chillax resort possible. But Meteor Games likes to put that idea on its head for about two weeks every year in time for Halloween. This year, however, the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based developer has more in store for hapless Island Paradise players than just a few items.

A spook-filled (for now) new mini game has launched in Island Paradise, Slots of Fun. From now through Nov. 3, players can jump in and try to win unique, Halloween-themed prizes, namely materials to make costumes for their avatars. In order to receive the most materials, you'll have to try and match three rows of slots featuring characters dressed in Halloween garb like a "Cat Burglar, Space Monkey, Swan Ballerina, Mad Koala Scientist and more," according to Meteor Games.
Slots of Fun
Of course, there will be a number of cutesy Halloween goodies to grab in the in-game shop like a Sleepy Hollow Tree, a Bone Fence and a Flamingo Skeleton to name a few. Meteor Games will also hold a special event on Oct. 26, National Howl at the Moon Night, offering the game's Crescent Island expansion and Brown Wolf animal at a discount. Now, we wonder if Turkish folk celebrate a similarly awesome holiday.

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