FarmVille Pic of the Day: Dracula looms large at Liveloula46's farm

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Look into his eyes. Are you mesmerized yet? Liveloula46's Halloween FarmVille farm pays homage to the father of all vampires, Count Dracula himself, by using red, white, blue, black, and gray hay bales. You can thank Béla Lugosi for how we envision Dracula today, and this farm-sized piece of hay bale art certainly resembles him. Donning an enormous, red-lined black cape, the grandest effect of Liveloula46's design is how Dracula's arm seems ready to sweep an entire forest away.

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As awesome as many of this year's Halloween items are, Liveloula46's farm proves you don't need to spend 400 Farm Cash (which is somewhere between $50 to $100, depending on the Farm Cash package) on limited edition decorations. The only visible Halloween decor here is in the zoomed-in image of the farm: Count Duckula's Castle, a truly classy topping on what's already a chilling masterpiece to one of horror's classiest monsters.

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