FarmVille Mystery Game (10/23/11): Halloween Animals and Decorations up for grabs

It's Sunday night, farmers, which means that the FarmVille Mystery Game has once again cycled out its prizes in favor of seven new goodies that you can win (of course, one is far more expensive than the rest). This week, we see the Halloween theme continue in the Mystery Game, as has been the case for the past few weeks. However, here we see decorations and animals being given equal treatment, so if you're not an animal collector, there might be something here for you after all... if you get lucky.

This week's game costs 16 Farm Cash for a single dart (that's cheaper than the 20 Farm Cash price we often see when animals are available), and when thrown, you'll have a chance to win one of the following:

Dragon Fountain
Haunted Theater
Nightmare Duck
Nightmare Pegasus
Scuba Chicken
Witch House

Remember, if you're going for all six of these items, you'll also receive a special prize "for free" at the end. This week's bonus prize is the the Spooky Carriage, a decorative pumpkin carriage carried by two nightmare horses, but also remember that earning it could be a very Farm Cash-intensive process, depending on your luck.

As usual, this week's Mystery Game will be around for only a week, with next Sunday seeing the items update yet again. I expect that next week's game will also contain Halloween-themed items, but there's no guarantee that we'll see these particular items come around again. Play now while you know you can, and good luck in earning the item(s) that you want most!

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What do you think of this week's Mystery Game prizes? Will you try to win all six? If you do, how many Farm Cash did you end up having to spend to get it done? Sound off in the comments!