CityVille Treats 'N Sweets Booth: Everything you need to know

If you didn't already have enough to work on in CityVille this Halloween, then there's a new feature that you might want to check out in the game. A Treats N' Sweets booth is now available for you to build, that will allow you to gather pieces of candy similar to the Sea Shell gathering event we saw over the summer. Eventually a Halloween Carnival will be coming to town, but for now, you can build this Treats N' Sweets booth to get started.

First things first, building the booth will help you complete a new goal called "Calorie Count," that comes with 500 Goods as a reward. You won't get those Goods, however, until you actually complete the building's construction. This is done by gathering plenty of building materials:

  • 3 Sugar

  • 3 Ribbon

  • 3 Candy Molds

  • 3 Candy Wrappers

  • 3 Candy Coloring

The Sugar and Candy Molds are earned through generic wall posts that you can place on your news feed, while the Candy Wrappers and Candy Coloring come from individual requests sent to friends. You can also purchase any of these items for five City Cash each.

Once the Treats N' Sweets Booth is complete, you'll be able to start gathering candy from it. At its current, Level 1 state, you'll get a single piece of candy each time you collect. However, the building can be upgraded two more times, with each time allowing you to gather more candy per collection (two pieces for Level 2, and three pieces for Level 3, as you might expect). To upgrade, you'll need to collect the same five items as above, but in bigger quantities.

That is, to upgrade to Level 2, you'll need five each of Ribbons, Candy Molds, Candy Coloring, Candy Wrappers and Sugar, and for Level 3, you'll need seven of each item. Not only will upgrading allow you to get more candy, but you'll also earn more coins from your upgraded booth each time you collect from it.

We'll make sure to let you know when the rest of the Halloween Carnival feature launches in your town, so keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of this Treats 'N Sweets Booth? Will you take the time to upgrade it twice, or will you leave it in its original state? Sound off in the comments.