CityVille: Crypt Keeper's Crib added to Halloween extravaganza

While most of us are busy slaving away, building small community buildings and homes in CityVille for the 9,000+ Monsters we'll eventually need to be living in our towns for the Halloween event, if you're one of the users that's willing to pay City Cash to more easily complete tasks (or, you just really love the look of the game's premium Halloween items), you'll be happy to know that a new premium home has been added to the game's store, at an equally expensive price.

The Crypt Keeper's Crib costs a whopping 80 City Cash, but for that price you'll have a home that will give you an equally large amount of Monster citizens: 2,350, to be exact. Rent accumulates every eight hours, allowing you to each 250 coins each time you collect it, by default (keep in mind you can make that number much higher with decorations). Furthermore, if you're lucky enough to receive population increases when you collect the Crib's rent, you could eventually see this one's population grow to 4,350 Monsters (or citizens, depending on whether or not Halloween has passed by that point).

Either way, this particular building may be nice for those that already have a massive Monster population cap, but if your town can't currently hold 2,350 more Monsters, you'll need to build enough Community Buildings to reach that cap. There are plenty of options available for City Cash (why stop your splurging on just one building?), that will more easily raise the cap the necessary amount of Monsters, or you can building multiple Trees of Enchantment or Zombie ERs (as examples) to achieve the same end. Whatever the case, make sure to make your decision quickly, as these items won't be around forever.

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Will you purchase the Crypt Keeper's Crib for your town in CityVille? How far have you been able to grow your Monster population so far? Sound off in the comments.