Adventure World: Add new neighbors for tons of free energy

It was only a matter of time before the folks at Zynga launched some sort of progress bar in Adventure World in an effort to get users to invite their friends to try out the game for themselves. Well, a new promotion has started popping up for users, asking them to complete the task of adding five new neighbors in the game with the prize of free energy hanging in the balance.

Actually, just saying free energy really doesn't cut it here. You'll be given a whopping 50 free energy once you add those five neighbors. Unfortunately, this promotion doesn't seem to clarify whether they'd need to be five new people that have never played the game before, or if they can be long-time players that you simply haven't added as neighbors. I've sent out plenty of requests myself, trying to solve that question, but with no luck as of this writing.

Another thing that wasn't exactly clarified was how we'd be receiving these Energy points. Would they simply be added to our in-game total, or will they be energy packs that we can use at our own discretion? Will the energy points expire if not used immediately? Maybe these things don't matter, since we're ultimately getting something for nothing, but am I the only one that wants to know exactly what I'm getting into when it comes to me sending out random invites to friends?

Either way, we'll make sure to let you know if any other promotions launch in the game, or if the prize changes from energy to something more exclusive, so keep checking back.

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Will you try to add new neighbors for free energy points, or are all of your interested friends already playing the game with you? Sound off in the comments.