Adventure World Poacher Ploy Expedition: Everything you need to know

After learning about a mischievous band of poachers that were trapping or otherwise harming animals in the mountains and jungles of Adventure World, the time has come for you to get some real revenge on these hooligans. But first, they've gone to work on capturing more animals, this time in the form of Albino Snakes, which must be freed. This third Poacher Expedition (see Poacher Peak and Poacher Problems) has a four-day time limit, and requires 1,550 Supplies to start. You'll also need three each of Food, Fuel and Water.

All set? Let's get started!

Still of the Night

  • Collect 5 Mice

  • Open Poacher Tents and Place 5 Mice Inside

  • Get 5 Snake Cage Keys

  • Open the Cages to Release 5 Albino Snakes

The Poachers have been tracked to a cave inside a mountain. At the time of your arrival, they're all sleeping inside tents, conveniently enough right next to cages containing the Albino Snakes. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? You'll first need to collect five mice, which are sitting around the map. Of course, they won't just be out in the open, as they may be placed beside Spike Traps or even behind pillars that must be lowered by activating switches of the same colors. The Keys, on the other hand, must be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general news item you'll post on your wall.

Here I Go Again

  • Solve the First Ancient Puzzle

  • Solve the Second Ancient Puzzle

  • Solve the Third Ancient Puzzle

  • Recover the Tawny Kitten

Adding some real complexity to this Expeditions are a series of side-quests that you'll need to undertake for your fellow explorers. Emily would apparently love a Tawny Kitten, and wouldn't you know it? There's one on this particular map. You'll need to solve some "Simon Says" style puzzles in order to complete this quest, so just look out for them hidden by clouds or in otherwise out-of-the-way places. As for the Tawny Kitten itself, it's located at the far end of the map, and there just so happen to be three pillars blocking your path to it.

Is This Love?

  • Use Minecart to Collect Fluffy in the Open Air Cave

  • Get Bottles of Perfume

  • Use Minecart to Introduce Fluffy to the Albino Ram

  • Use Minecart to Push Fluffy and the Ram out of the Cave

Somehow, an Albino Ram has found himself trapped in this cave, and being a stubborn one, won't simply leave on his own. You'll need to use Fluffy the sheep to lure the Ram out of the cave, with plenty of help from a Minecart you'll find in one of the far corners. Of course, there are plenty of obstacles both on the track or around it, that will slow down your progress, but so long as you're diligent about coming back to this Expedition each time you have more energy, you should be able to rescue the Ram in plenty of time. As for the Perfume, this is earned by asking your friends via individual gift requests.

All in all, with the four day time limit, and the ability to ask friends to come help you on this Expedition (as usual), you should be able to complete all of the tasks in time. Just remember that visiting your friends' Base Camps will give you opportunities for free energy every day, and that you might have some energy stashed in your inventory from gift requests that you've received from friends. Good luck!

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Have you completed the two previous Poacher Expeditions, or are you ready to take the fight to the Poachers before even tackling the other two? What do you think of this particular Expedition? Sound off in the comments.