The Top 5 Motley Fool Articles on Twitter


During the week, our Motley Fool Twitter feed (@themotleyfool) shares lots of articles. In case you missed it, here are the top five most popular articles that were tweeted this week.

1. @TheMotleyFool:Some stocks' dividends are too good to be true -- but these 2 pack payouts you can count on.

When a stock pays an insanely high dividend, you'd be crazy to invest without wondering whether the dividends are sustainable. After sifting through a list of the non-micro-cap stocks with a dividend yield above 5% and taking "trust factors" into consideration, Fool Anand Chokkavelu comes up with two dividend stocks. One of the stocks -- Altria (NYS: MO) -- sports a 6% dividend yield with a predictable business model.

Learn how to decipher trust when it comes to two intriguing dividend stocks.

2. @TheMotleyFool:One simple step when you start investing could save you $200K or more over the long haul. @DanCaplinger explains:

When it comes to investing, there are no guarantees or sure things. But one thing you can -- and should -- do is minimize the money you give away in the form of fees and commission costs. With low-cost ETFs such as the Vanguard Mid-Cap ETF (NYS: VO) , there are many ways you can avoid paying a stiff management fee.

Find more low-cost alternatives.

3. @TheMotleyFool:If we are the 99%, then who exactly are the other 1%? @TMFHouselintroduces you to the upper crust:

One of the often-quoted sayings associated with the Occupy Wall Street protests is, "We are the 99%." But who are the 1% top earners? And why is there a movement forming against them? Fool Morgan Housel writes, "The heart of what people are outraged over isn't wealth inequality; it's wealth inequality that is perceived as being undeserved, unearned, or, in many cases, earned by those responsible for the economy's deepest problems."

Dig into the data and see just why there is such outrage around wealth inequality.

4. @TheMotleyFool:MT @DanCaplinger: Imagine a company spinning off $1/4 trillion worth of assets. You may not have to imagine long:

Activist investor Nelson Peltz has been involved in deals over the years such as pushing Kraft Foods (NYS: KFT) to spin off its grocery operations in North America. Recently, Peltz has been calling out the board of directors at State Street (NYS: STT) to provide greater operational independence or spin off its Global Advisors arm -- which manages the SPDR line of ETFs -- entirely.

Read about what a spinoff could mean for the ETF industry and for investors.

5. @TheMotleyFool: Wow, that roller coaster looks fun! ... What? That's Netflix's ($NFLX) stock chart? Oh. Oh, dear.

The past few months have been very eventful in the digital-streaming space. Netflix (NAS: NFLX) announced a price increase and Qwikster, and then killed off its Qwikster plans. (NAS: AMZN) unveiled its tablet Fire. And everyone in the streaming space has been land-grabbing content deals, including Netflix, which just signed a billion-dollar licensing deal with Time Warner (NYS: TWX) and CBS for CW streaming rights. But investors aren't too pleased with Netflix and have been punishing the stock price.

Check out a visual of the dramatic fall of Netflix's stock price over the past few months.

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