CityVille's Summer Beach Goals are the next to hit the chopping block

One by one, goal series are dropping like flies in CityVille, forcing those players who may not be as active to catch up - and fast - in order to avoid losing out on some exclusive prizes. We saw this recently with the Family Vacation goals, and now the hammer has come to the Summer Beach goals that were originally released in August.

If you didn't finish these goals then, here's a recap for your reference:

Farmer's Tan

  • Get 12 Bottles of Sunscreen (general wall post)

  • Collect from Beach Hut 7 Times

  • Have Sand Castle

  • Reward: Surfer Girl decoration

A Shore Thing

  • Collect from Taffy Shop 10 Times

  • Send 20 Tour Buses to Sunglasses Stores

  • Ask for 20 Snorkels (general wall post)

  • Reward: Coral Reef unlocked in store

Tourist Trapper

  • Supply 5 Cruise Ships

  • Harvest 40 Cabbage

  • Send 30 Tour Buses to Cinemas

  • Reward: 2,800 coins

Pool Pigeon

  • Get 15 Pigeon Bathing Suits

  • Collect from Jet Ski Shop 5 Times

  • Have one Fish Fountain

  • Reward: Marina unlocked

As of this writing, you have around 62 hours to complete any goals that you might have missed, or to start from scratch if you're pretty far behind on your goals in your city. Is that enough time to complete them all? I suppose that would be depend on how many neighbors of yours have Sunglasses Stores, or how active they are in helping you out when you request items. If the prizes here matter enough to you, remember that you can always buy your way to them with City Cash, although that would be a very expensive prospect for items that have been available in your game for free for a few months now. The choice is up to you - good luck!

Have you already finished the Summer Beach goals in CityVille, or will you now have to scramble to finish them all in time? Sound off in the comments.