CityVille Zombie ER: Everything you need to know

Along with the Tree of Enchantment, there are now two new Community Buildings available to build in CityVille that will help you raise your Monster population cap to get one step closer to finishing the complicated (and downright difficult) Act 2 goals that were released just this week. The second building is the Zombie ER, which has the same basic shape and design of the game's regular Hospital, but of course has been themed for Halloween, or, in this case, the apocalypse with boards on the windows and a bloody S.O.S. tarp on the roof.

The Zombie ER can be purchased from the store for 42,000 coins. Upon placing the base, it will require 10 energy to fully complete the frame. Unfortunately, you're then left with an item collection event, rather than a simple "friend-staff" one, and you'll need the following items to finish this one off:

  • 6 Fangs

  • 6 Scalpels

  • 6 Reflectors

  • 6 Bandages

  • 6 Ribbon

One of the only positives here is that you might already have the Ribbon on hand from previous buildings, and would then be left gathering just 24 items, rather than 30. As it stands, the Scalpels, Reflectors and Bandages can all be earned through general news items posted to your wall, while the Fangs are earned through individual friend requests sent to those friends that you think would be most willing to help you.

Once the Zombie ER is finished, it will raise your maximum Monster population cap by 1,100 Monsters. Combine this with the 800 from the Tree of Enchantment, and you're almost 2,000 Monsters closer - at least in population cap - to your current 9,000 Monster goal. Now, if only houses cost this little and provided this many Monsters in one go we might actually be able to get somewhere.

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Will you build a Zombie ER in your town, or is the item too large to waste the space on? Are you trying to make it to 9,000 Monsters in your town, or have you given up on the event altogether? Sound off in the comments.