CityVille Tree of Enchantment: Everything you need to know


With CityVille's Halloween event asking us to have at least 9,000 Monsters living in our cities (and that's just for Act 2), you'll need to build all of the Community Buildings and homes that you can, as quickly as you can, you stand a chance of finishing everything before Halloween actually arrives. To help you do that are two new Community Buildings that are available for coins, the first of which is a Tree of Enchantment. Now, with this building (along with some of the prizes in the Halloween Monster Mystery Game), we're seeing a sort of side-theme of fairies and forest creatures that are considered "Halloween." I don't really understand it either (unless we're saying it's just a bunch of people in costume), but you can consider this to be one of those items.

Either way, the Tree of Enchantment can be purchased from the store for 34,000 coins. Once placed, the base needs to be hit eight times to complete the frame. From there, it's an expected process of item collection. You'll need the following five items:

  • 4 Soil

  • 4 Bats

  • 4 Moss

  • 4 Spiders

  • 4 Water

These items can all be purchased individually for 5 City Cash each (or 100 City Cash in total), or you can go the free (yet time consuming) route of asking your friends to send them to you. Soil, Bats and Spiders are earned through general wall posts that you'll post to the news feed, while the Water and Moss covered stones need to be earned by sending out individual gift requests to those friends that would be most likely to help you.

When the tree is fully grown, your maximum Monster population cap will go up by 800 Monsters, allowing you to get that much closer to your 9,000 Monster (current) goal. Good luck!

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What do you think of the Tree of Enchantment or these "forest" items in the Halloween theme? Will you build one in your town? Sound off in the comments.