Cafe World: Reach Level 5 in Mafia Wars 2 for a Lavender Lightning Stove

Hoping to pull in plenty of its existing player base into Mafia Wars 2, Zynga has launched yet another cross-promotional in one of its games, offering prizes to those players who try out its newest Facebook game at least for a few minutes. Specifically, this newest promotion is in Cafe World, offering players a trio of items for reaching Level 5 in Mafia Wars 2.

This task should take you no more than 10-15 minutes, and should be even easier now, as many of your friends have likely already tried the game to earn prizes in their own favorite Zynga games. Once you reach Level 5 (I'd suggest entering the game from the Cafe World pop-up so that it can be guaranteed to keep track of your progress), you can come back to Cafe World and will likely have to refresh the game to see your prizes in your inventory, spice rack, etc.

The three prizes here are a Lavender Super Stove, a six-pack of Instant Thymes (used to make your dishes instantly ready to serve), and the Chocolate Eclairs.

With this, we've now seen promotions in FarmVille (free Unicorn), CityVille (free Casino), Pioneer Trail (free White Lion), Empires & Allies (free Fighter Bundle) and now Cafe World. With the requirement being the same across all games - simply reach Level 5 in Mafia Wars 2 - you can play the game just once and rack up all of these prizes for free, just by making sure to login to each during what's expected to be a limited time promotion period. So, what are you waiting for? Plenty of free goodies are out there waiting for you people! Go make the most of them!

How many of these promotional prizes have you already claimed in these games? Which promotion has been your favorite so far? Sound off in the comments.