Adventure World: Complete your Base Camp with Farms, Fuel Depots or Wells

At the beginning of the game's run on Facebook, Adventure World only allowed players to have one of three commodity buildings on their Base Camp, with this building being random among three: Fuel Depots, Wells and Farms. This left users relying on neighbors to earn the other two items that they needed to go on Expeditions or complete most any quest in the game, but again, since these buildings were random, it was entirely possible that someone could have 10 neighbors (as an example), with only one of them having Water.

While the game's computer ally offers all three items on its Base Camp, this still didn't solve the problem, so Zynga has gone right to the source. You can now build the remaining two structures on your own Base Camp, giving you access to all three, once per day, as well!

To be specific, you'll see quests in your sidebar asking you to build the two buildings that you don't already have. In my case, I was given the Fuel Depot to start, so I have two goals for Farms and Wells, but your game will vary depending on which one you were given at the very beginning. As it stands, it looks like all three buildings cost 500 coins to purchase from the store, but you're still only allowed one of each.

To build these two buildings, you'll need to collect various building materials, just like you would when completing a Tool Shop upgrade, as an example. For the Farm, for instance, you'll need four each of Tiles, Wood, Topsoil, Food Baskets, Twine and Thatches. Some of these items are also those that you'll use to upgrade your Tool Shop, so you'll need to prioritize which items are given to which building.

With the launch of this feature, we're now seeing the game become a bit more friendly to those users who don't have as many neighbors as others. Still, this is a bit of a double-edged sword, as it will likely take those players quite some time to collect all of the building materials for each. Either way, we'll make sure to let you know if more features are launched in the game (seemingly) with the player in mind.

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Will you build a Farm, Fuel Depot or Well on your Base Camp, or do you already get all of the supplies you need from friends? Sound off in the comments.
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