The Sims Social's Simify will morph you into a Sim, won't teach Simlish

Simify on Facebook
Simify on Facebook

Admit it: A part of you has always wanted to be a Sim. There's no need to make any decisions for yourself, you're fed and bathed daily and you get to advance in life without the restrictions of that dastardly thing we call reality.

Well, now you can ... sort of. Playfish and EA have launched Simify, a mini app on The Sims Social fan page that will take your picture and turn it into a Sim. It's really that simple, but you can either upload a picture of yourself or take one right on the spot with a webcam. (You can also create your own Sim from scratch, but what's the fun in that?)

And it's fairly accurate: While it pegged me with rather dark skin due to low lighting, it recognized that I wear glasses. Hey, if only for that fun fact, color this writer impressed. Though, the app did neglect to include my beard--again, poor lighting.

Just in case the mini app didn't get something right, users can customize the picture using most of the options found in The Sims Social's character customization screen on the spot. When you're finished, the app gives you the option to both use the picture as your Facebook profile image and download it as a JPEG. Let's just say that we took full advantage of Simify's capabilities. As an added bonus, you can use the results as a reference for when you create or modify your Sim in the game.

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Have you tried the Simify mini app for The Sims Social yet? How do you normally create your Sims: In your own likeness or to look like someone else entirely? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.