Pioneer Trail Trick or Treat Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with today's release of the Spook Shack in Pioneer Trail comes the ability to visit your neighbors' Homestead and then go "trick-or-treating" while you're there. You'll earn a variety of goodies by doing so that can be used in your new Spook Shack building on your Homestead proper, but you'll also need to go trick-or-treating to complete a series of three goals to truly round out this event. Here's a guide to completing all three!

The Spookiest Homestead on the Frontier

  • Place the Spook Shack

  • Visit 5 Neighbors' Homestead to Trick or Treat

  • Collect 10 Issues of Frontier Living Magazine

The Magazines are earned through a general news item you'll post to your wall. As for Trick or Treating, this is done by simply visiting your friends as normal, and then waiting for a pop-up to appear, showing you a door and welcome mat with two buttons: "Trick" or "Treat." Depending on the choice you choose, you'll be given the opportunity to share your rewards with friends by posting another wall post. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 500 XP, a Candy Bag and 500 coins.

Turning Tricks and Treats

  • Craft 5 of Any Spook Shack Decorations

  • Collect 15 Halloween Kits

  • Tend 80 Pumpkins or Ghost Pumpkins on your Homestead or a Neighbors

Halloween Kits are earned through individual gift requests sent to individual friends. Meanwhile, for a complete rundown of the different items you can craft inside the Spook Shack, and the requirements for each, be sure to check out our guide. For finishing this second goal, you'll receive a Candy Bag, 1000 XP and an Unripe Pumpkins item.

Get Witchy

  • Craft & Mount Any Wicked Broom in the Spook Shack

  • Tend any Paper Lanterns 10 Times on your Homestead or a Neighbors'

  • Have 10 Crafted Spook Shack Decorations

Paper Lanterns are crafted using Treats and Paper Bags, and can be "tended" once every three hours. The Brooms are also crafted inside the Spook Shack, with there being multiple options for you to choose from. Finishing this final goal gives you five Candy Bags, 1000 XP and a Witch Outfit for your avatar.

With this event, we now see four separate things to do in Pioneer Trail for Halloween, but luckily this particular activity will be around until the middle of November - November 18, to be exact - if you'd like to put it off in favor of finishing other things. If any additional Halloween content launches in Pioneer Trail between now and then, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of this Trick or Treat series of Goals in Pioneer Trail? Do you like the Spook Shack feature as a whole, or do you think there was already plenty to do this year in terms of Halloween content? Sound off in the comments.