Pioneer Trail Spook Shack: Everything you need to know

So, Zynga really, really likes Halloween. And it really, really wants you to help it celebrate it in the Pioneer Trail. If you haven't guessed where I'm going with this, yet another feature has been released in the game to celebrate the upcoming spook-tastic holiday. Luckily, though, you'll have until November 18 to get everything done. This particular feature revolves around something called the Spook Shack, which lets you craft themed decorations for use on your Homestead, and even lets you unlock Brooms that can be ridden by your avatars just like Horses! Of course, you'll need to build it first.

The Spook Shack requires the following building ingredients:

  • 10 Trick or Treat Sacks

  • 10 Ghost Catchers

  • 10 Bone Pillars

  • 15 Dead Wood

  • 15 Cobwebs

  • 15 Creaky Stairs

The first three items are earned through general news items you'll post on your wall, while the latter three items are earned through individual gift requests sent to friends.

Once the Spook Shack is built, you'll be able to start going "Trick-or-Treating" on your neighbors' Homesteads - literally. By visiting neighbors, you'll be given the choice of "Trick" or "Treat," with these actions apparently giving you some of the building materials you'll need to craft those decorations and rideable Brooms I mentioned earlier. Here's a full rundown of the items you can craft:

For some of these items, other tasks must be completed, instead of just going Trick-or-Treating. For instance, Corn Bristles drop at random when you harvest corn on both your or your neighbors' Homesteads, while Paper Bags, Sandstone pieces, Fences, Treats and Tricks drop while clearing debris on either your or your neighbors' Homesteads.

In addition to this new building, there are also three new goals to complete as well, and we'll have a complete rundown of those goals for you as soon as we can and you can check out our complete guide to finishing those goals right here.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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What do you think of this Spook Shack and the ability to craft decorations for your Homestead? Will you craft Brooms for your characters to ride? Sound off in the comments.