Pioneer Trail Lost Stallion Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Ok, this is just getting a bit overwhelming. Don't get me wrong - I love Halloween. It's easily one of my favorites throughout the entire year, but the amount of Halloween content Pioneer Trail has seen released in the past few weeks is enough to overwhelm any player! Adding to that pile is a timed goal by the name of Lost Stallion. This one sees a ghost cowgirl named Hattie (don't worry - she's friendly - asking for help in searching for her lost ghost horse, Kelpie. You'll have five days to complete this timed goal once you manually start it, and here's what's expected of you:

  • Tend 30 Neighbor Non-Rideable Horses

  • Collect 15 Dark Compasses

  • Collect 15 Ghost Town Maps

If I were you, I'd wait on starting this one. The goal will be available to begin up until November 7, so why not wait a few days for your friends to send you the Dark Compasses and Ghost Town Maps by default (in the "send-one-get-one" situations) and then start the goal when you know you won't be so rushed?

If you can complete this goal within the first five days of starting it, you'll receive a Ghostly Buzzard Tree decoration, 300 XP and 300 coins. While this particular feature isn't incredibly difficult, it does make me wonder exactly when the cutoff will be for new Halloween content within the game. Zynga does realize October is only so long, right? They'll have to stop eventually... right?!

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What do you think of this Lost Stallion timed goal? Are you looking forward to seeing even more Halloween content released in Pioneer Trail this month, or is it "enough already?!" Sound off in the comments.