CityVille Haunted Hotel: Everything you need to know

As part of CityVille's Halloween Monsters event, the second goal in Act 2 requires you to build a Haunted Hotel in your city, so that friends of your new monster citizens will have a place to stay when they're on vacation (visiting said monsters) in your town. Unfortunately, this Haunted Hotel is a fairly large feature in and of itself, so it's definitely only increased your work-load in the game, rather than helped you out. Here's a guide to constructing one in your city.

You'll need to head into the second goal in Act 2 in order to hit the "Place" button to receive the frame of your Haunted Hotel. Don't worry, you don't have to actually complete the goal, or any Halloween goals before it to unlock access to this Haunted Hotel - you simply need to be level 10 or above. Once you place the base, you'll need to spend six energy to construct the frame. From there, it's the expected process of collecting building materials:

  • 6 Dancing Brooms

  • 6 Butler Trays

  • 6 Walking Pianos

  • 6 Chandeliers

  • 6 Skeletons

These items are earned in the expected pair of ways: either by posting a general news feed to your wall or by sending individual requests to friends for them to help you out. You can also purchase each individual ingredient for 5 City Cash each, if you don't want to wait / bug your friends.

When the Hotel is complete, you'll be able to supply it with 400 Goods to operate. You can then invite your friends to be one of your hotel's guests, even giving them VIP status, where available. When you collect your profits, you'll receive at least 2,500 coins, and will be one step closer to finishing the Haunted Hotel goal in Act 2 that got you into this project to begin with.

Remember, after Halloween proper (unless there's a time extension), the Halloween event will likely end entirely in CityVille, taking these goals along with it. As the Haunted Hotel is earned as a part of the goal series, it's likely that if you don't build one now (or at least place the base, even if you don't finish its construction), you may never have the chance again. If you're at all interested in this one, make sure to place your Haunted Hotel as soon as possible to get the most out of this year's Halloween event in the game.

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What do you think of the Haunted Hotel in CityVille? Do you like the various "hotels" we've seen released in the game over the past few weeks and months? Sound off in the comments.