CityVille Halloween Monster Mystery Game: Everything you need to know

Taking a page from FarmVille, CityVille has now received its own version of a Mystery Game, with this one being (mostly) themed around Halloween. The Halloween Monster Mystery Game is available to players level 10 and above, and it costs 30 City Cash to play. However, in order to make sure everyone is introduced to this feature in the right way, we'll all receive our first play for free.

You can enter the Mystery Game from the pop-up that appears when you load the game, or you can access it from the store. There are six items available to win, and you'll be able to click on a box of your choosing from a variety of colored, patterned boxes on conveyor belts in front of you. The items are split into three pairs based on rarity (Common, Uncommon or Rare), with one of the Uncommon items being a Whooshing Witches decoration, and a Common item being a Magic Fairy, as examples.

According to users on the CityVille forums, some of the other prizes available are a Potion Shop, Pixy Palace and Backwoods Blacksmith. That being the case, it looks like this Mystery Game contains items both Halloween and "Fairy / Woods" in theme, which is a bit odd.

Even with that being the case, there's also a goal that goes along with whatever prize you end up winning, so you really do need to use your free play as soon as possible. We'll bring you a complete guide to those new Halloween goals just as soon as we can.

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What did you win from the Halloween Monster Mystery Game? Do you like this new feature? Sound off in the comments.