CityVille Halloween Act 2 Goals: Everything you need to know

I hope you have made a lot of progress on the goals in Act 1 of CityVille's Halloween Monster event, as three more goals have now been placed on your plate thanks to the launch of Act 2. This second act introduces a new Hotel to the game, where Monsters will be able to invite their friends to stay, but more on that later. There are three goals to complete in this Act, so let's jump right in!

In Good Spirits
  • Place an Item Won from the Halloween Mystery Game
  • Master Pumpkins or Jack-O'Lanterns to Level 1
  • Have 10 Monster Community Buildings

It doesn't appear to matter which of the community buildings you have, or if you have duplicates, so long as the total comes to ten. Feel free to build 10 of the smallest ones, if you just want to finish this goal fast. As for the Pumpkins, the first star of mastery is earned after 50 harvests. For the Halloween Mystery Game, we've already brought you a guide on how this feature works, so just place the one item (out of six potential prizes) that you win and that task will be complete. Finishing this first goal in Act 2 gives you the Treacherous Tree decoration.

Grim Sleeper
  • Place Haunted Hotel
  • Collect from Haunted Hotel 5 Times

The Haunted Hotel is a monster-specific hotel that is available to users level 10 and up. We'll bring you a complete guide to building it as soon as we can. In the meantime, know that it functions in much the same way as other hotels in the game, requiring building materials and then Goods to operate. Once you complete this goal (likely a very time consuming process), you'll unlock the Creepy Country Cottage in the store, which then costs a whopping 380,000 coins to purchase.

At Death's Door
  • Ask friends for 30 Halloween Masks
  • Master Pumpkins or Jack O'Lanterns to Level 3
  • Reach a Monster Population of 9000

If you thought the Monster Population of 3,500 task was ridiculous in Act one, I can't wait to hear the reactions about this. If you're willing to shell out some City Cash for buildings that both provide room for, and actually house that many citizens (that is, expensive Community Buildings and Residences), you can easily reach that level in just one or two buildings, but otherwise, you're in for a very time consuming, very land-intensive task that you don't have very long to complete. As a last resort, you can choose to pay 254 City Cash to skip this task outright, but at that point, why not spend the City Cash on the aforementioned buildings to complete the task manually? Regardless of your choice, the reward for finally finishing this goal will be the unlock of the Werewolf Lodge in the store. This business costs 18,000 coins and requires 80 Goods to operate.

As usual, you can complete these three goals in any order that you'd like, meaning that you can also work on them all at the same time, even if you have yet to complete the goals from Act 1. That's now six Halloween-themed goals to work on at once, so I hope your patience can handle it!

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What do you think of these Act 2 goals? Is 9,000 citizens a "reachable" number in the time we have remaining in this event, or are you going to not even try (not that I could blame you)? Sound off in the comments.
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