Zynga ensures CityVille fans new decorations with Farmers Insurance

CityVille Farmers Insurance
CityVille Farmers Insurance

Zynga likes giving its players a sense of security free stuff. We know that, and you know that. And Farmers Insurance certainly knows that--in fact, it's joining in on the fun. The Farmers Insurance headquarters has appeared in CityVille along with a very simple Goal that will lead to some hopefully interesting rewards. All right, so there's no big Farmers Insurance reveal just yet, but believe us: It's a comin'.

Simply find the new Goal on the left hand side of the game screen, and follow it to place the new, massive (and heavily branded) building in your city. Then, click on it once to complete the structure. Now, here's the tricky part. Between now and Oct. 27, you must collect all five items in the Farmers Insurance Collection to receive the limited edition Farmers Insurance item.

And you might want to make collecting from this building a habit, as it offers 3 Energy, coins and XP daily, which is "one of the best payouts ever," according to Zynga. Just for starting the Goal, you'll score a Farmers Insurance Airship decoration to go alongside the skyscraper. When you manage to redeem the Farmers Insurance Collection, you'll receive a Farmers Insurance Autoboathome decoration.

In addition to all of the Farmers Insurance bonuses in the game, Zynga is working with the company to give you and a friend a free trip to New York City. You can enter that contest on the Farmers Insurance Facebook page right here ... Farmers Insurance. There, I think we met our quota, now where's our Applebees gift card, guys?

Have you started the Farmers Insurance event in CityVille yet? What do you think of the Farmers Insurance (that's two gift cards, now) event compared to other branded events in Zynga games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.